Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Memorable practice!

My first practice begins with a special gift
is from my beloved sis
muahaha! =DD

let see what is it? :D

A special daily encouragement book
inside gt 31 pages
everyday will get encourage by her :D
*gam dong*

*zoom in zoom in*
for the sliver flower
actually i dont knw is a flower or a star lu
oh well as long i like it will do la haha! =DD

Last but nt least
a cute little bottle aso came in as a gift ^^

muackz! love u sis! =D
i will ga yao de
u aso muz ga yao ah
we ji mui together ga yao ga yao!! =D

26 & 27 of february
i will nvr forget
is the 1st prac of 2011
a new starting point for us
let us strive to the end
n make 2011 another total victory year
we muz write our victory report to sensei
so ga yao ji muis!!! :DD

Friday, February 25, 2011


1 more day i can see u all ady
2 more day i can run with u all again :D
dont knw how are u all ady
miss u all so much
i cant wait to get to knw wht u all doing recently
is everything going well?
i believe u all doing well =]
hope to hear from u all soon
cant wait to see u all
pls take care of urself ya
Angel of peace
Go go go~~!!
be happy n strong
our heart n spirit will always be there
will nvr ever end forever~~!! =D

Sunday, February 20, 2011

fun? hard? is fun XP

Juz came back from tuition
Yosh!! it's really rushing
today add math test every1 was like so panic
coz gt only 15 or 20 min to do
i'm in the same condition too
but at the meantime is also kinda fun
although some are hard
or confusing
but i think i enjoy solving it
haha :DD
gt 1 of the question mr.wong say use formula geh
i was like abit excited coz correct ady
but suddenly he say later wrong thn u knw
ishh....always say like tht de
i cnt be correct meh blek~~!!! XP
on the way back home i keep thinking of it
i guess i really wrong ady =(
Oh well...nvm lu
next time do better ba =]

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cheer ! :)

Exam is around the corner
good luck everyone!!
i aso need to work hard for it
ga yao everyone!!! =]

I dont hav much time to post my cny
maybe will post next time or maybe wont
well see whether gt time anot ba hehe ^^
cny juz past
now back to normal
back to everyday same routine
sooner my prac will start
i m expecting to see every1
countdown 7 more days =]

Cheer to the end every1 :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Finally i m back here
CNY is around the corner
tis year i think my CNY will be very simple gua
same like past few years
saying about expecting anot?
Hmm~~ abit abit lu
expecting for reunion dinner XD
coz 1 big family going out for dinner
long time nvr hav 1 big family eating together le
flashback last year
hmm....nop nvr eat together oo
coz of "something"
anyway nvm tis year 2011 will eat together la =]
for me i dont knw y like the feeling eating with big family oo
maybe i seldom hav the chance bah
the feeling is like very awesome i think
on a big table with lots of food
laughing around chit chatting craps
playing with my little cousin they all
n my grandma i nvr see her been a while ady
miss them cant wait to see them oo
reunion dinner is the time we can gather together spend time together
nth is more important thn the time we spend together with our family
so y nt treasure the time when we r together with them leh
if nt when we grow up will nt hav much time to spend time with them le
well....appreciate it bah ^^

Recently busy with studies
form 4 is nt easy
everything need to catch up
n now tuition + homework
is my everyday routine le
everyday is a challenge for me
in the process of challengers is struggling
but if u enjoy it all is worth it =]
so no matter happy or sad
go on cheerfully bah ^^
although sometime will say no time or tired
but doesn't mean i wan to give up
i still wan to go through all tis challengers til the end

*Without difficulties and hardships,
Neither talent nor ability can be perfected.
We have been trained by several challenges.
We have overcome many obstacles and adversites.
This the reason for our success*

Sooner practice will start on
cant wait to see every1 ^^

today 30/1/2011
21 months ady oo
still love each other very much :DD
forever n always~~!! ^^

Saturday, January 8, 2011

1 week of skul

Reopen skul 1 week jor
1st day walk in to skul tht time
i though i still can see jie de
but think think forget jie nt around jor
i realize i no longer form 3 ady
walk in to skul 1st met briget
thn chit chat here n there la hehe
pehimpunan time teacher sure gt alot of things to say la
after tht announce form 3 straight A's student
sadly i m nt 1 of them
but nvm i already think openly
i mean xiang kai hehe
feel happy for them aso =]
bla bla finish~~
time to go back class
but i still dont knw which class am i
til teacher call my name i knw tht i m in 4 science 3
when i step in the class i feel nt familiar with them
i knw most of them is from 3E de
but still feel like nt familiar
dont knw y >.<
suddenly i gt a mindset wan to change class
coz i really dont like it
in class i keep thinking of tis
think n think
after recess i finally make a decision
i will nt change class juz bcoz i dont like it
i will still stay in 4 sc 3
rather thn change y nt work hard leh rite?
finally let me stop thinking of changing class le
my mum said if i change to a better class maybe i will be at the back gred
coz evry1 is smart
but maybe in 4 sc 3 will be opposite
n she said aso tht i gt a mission to change the class environment
i feel wan to change is hard
but i will try my best
maybe 4 sc 3 is nt tht terrible leh rite?
maybe 4 sc 3 think of the good way they r quiet too XD
anyway i still will remain in 4 sc 3 =]
4 sc 3 ga yao bah~~!! :DD

koko will start on next week
i choose the same as last year
choir i will nt quit
basketball too
n of course pbsm =DD

form 4 go go go~~!!
no matter how tired
muz always face with a smile oo
always be cheerful bah~~!!
i can do it de =D

Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010

enjoy alot
fun alot
n sure learn alot XD
my 3 days 2 night is so worth it
but nvr though it will past so fast
time really flies rite? =D
another 5 years will hav tis gathering again
i m waiting n expecting for next 5 years
well past is past but become a precious memories for me
nt juz a precious memories for me
but aso make me rmb how hard the time tht challenging n struggling
although it is struggle but look back it let me grow up alot
things tht i nvr though i can manage it
but its proven tht i can hehe
continue striving to the end bah :DD

About the results for pmr is
yes...is 4A4B
although is nt i wanted
but i accept it
coz i knw pmr is nt all rite?
spm is still waiting for me
so work hard from now on bah
i knw i can do it de
i believe myself =]

Well 2010 is going to end
sooner 2011 is coming
another new year
a year tht is totally new
since next year i will be turning to 16
but til now i still cant imagine how is form 4 life
dont hav the picha of mine XD
maybe i really need to experience wht is form 4 life bah
no matter wht i hope i can face it with a smile
n dont give up
tis is me XD
jia you la~!! :DD

Ooo...nt to forget to wish every1 happy new year ya :D
a new challenging year for every1
wish every1 can achieve another victory in 2011 oo
Gambateh~~!! =D